The Tech

Window cleaning isn't what it used to be. As health and saftey laws tighten, buildings get ever taller and clients requirements change - the tools of the trade have had to develop too. You won't see a professional turning up with a bucket and a piece of shammy leather.

Bee Clean London use the latest equipment to ensure, fast and efficient service with minimum distrubtion to your business or residence. It also means less man power is needed saving freeing our staff to work on more properties at once and saving you money.

Watch how quickly and easily one Bee Clean London employee is able to clean 2nd floor windows using the Reach and Wash system in the video below:

  • Quicker than traditional methods
  • Ladders are not needed which improves safety
  • Windows up to 65ft!
  • Window frames are cleaned at the same time as the windows
  • Reduces disturbances and maintains privacy (no shocks of a window cleaner by your window)
  • No ladder marks left on lawns or flowerbeds
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows i.e. windows above conservatories


In some cases we understand that the traditional methods of cleaning windows maybe preferred to the reach and wash method. If this is the case we are still able to provide this service so long as we can still operate within health and safety law margins.