We charged based on the amount of time is required to complete the work, the complexity of the task, the equipment required and other factors. For this reason to get an exact price you will need to conact us for a quote.

However, we can give these guide prices over the phone so you know what to expect.


We specilize in office windows. Using hi-tech equipment to get work done quickly, to a high standard and with minimum distrubtion to the business.

We understand your business comes first so your needs will always be our priority. This may involve our working outside of your office hours, late evenings or weekends if necessary - we are always happy to accommodate this.


We also cater for Residential clients. You get the same hi-tech equipment and quality as a corporate client at your home.

One-Off Cleans

If you do not require a regular service you can contact us for a one-off clean. This may be when your regular cleaner is unavailable or your windows were dirtied from a particular event such as building work that took place.

Get a quote now

We can give you an approximate price over the phone, but why not take advantage of our free on site quoting service. We can call at a time convenient to you, give you an immediate verbal quote for your property and supply you with a formal, no obligation, written quote within 24hrs. Why not see how quickly and affordably we can have your windows gleaming.

To contact us call on 020 888 53730